"In our neighborhood, you look outside your window and you see burned buildings.   Rafe teaches us that there is more to life than just what is outside your window.   When I think about my world, it seems hopeless.   Then I come to this class and I feel like maybe anything is possible."
- Michelle,
A 5th grade Hobart Shakespearean


Travel is an essential part of the Hobart Shakespearean education. Rather than focus on itineraries, Hobart Shakespearean trips are designed to teach the children life skills. Impeccable manners and poise are taught hand-in-hand with American History.

Whether performing at the Supreme Court or spending time on the Lakota Reservation, Hobart Shakespeareans never need chaperones. These children make our country stronger.

The former students continue their education on the road as part of the Wake Up With Will Saturday program. In addition to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and college tours, these hard working youngsters have traveled to Alaska and even Europe.